Toilet seat covers for business and personal use.

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Toilet Seat Covers – Your Hygienic Friend for Life

Are you scared to visit the public restrooms? Or do you try to control till you reach home? You will definitely agree that both options can have serious effects. It is really difficult to use a public washroom as you see numerous people using it before you, which means germs, pollution, and contamination. But, we now have an easy solution to all your problems - use a Toilet Seat Cover.

Yes, the toilet seat covers act as the protective layer between your skin and the toilet seat. Forget all your worries and happily carry your children to the park, zoo, restaurants, and each and every place you wish to take them. Just carry your protecting toilet seat covers in your pocket.

The toilet seat cover is instant dissolving papers which are placed on the toilet seat before you sit on it. We care for your well-being and sanitization. With this dissolving paper, your toilet seat remains covered and your skin remains guarded. Our travel pack fits in your purse or pocket easily and costs just $3.50 for a pack of 10 with FREE delivery.

Forget all your worries and order toilet seat covers for your hygiene and safety purpose. We deliver it completely free all across Australia without any minimum order requirement. Call us at 02 9585 0658 to place bulk orders and get discounts for business usages.